неделя, 26 октомври 2008 г.

dragalevtzi time2

The coruption in law system in Bulgaria is so big now, that if a man doesn't know the right person on a right position, he hardley can keep even private house. One of our rich neighbours in Dragalevtzi is trying to change the border of the land, because he has strong connections and influence in the municipality of the village. We can't do anything because he paid to everyone from the architect of Dragalevci to the cheff of the police, and they changed the official plan of this part of village.The official autorities already steal from us a big part of the land around the house with explanation that they will build the new roud. There was the old road, but the same neighbour closed it, because how he said the old road was stlolen from him by communists in previous times. The main reason was that the mayor of Dragalevtzi was close relative to our neighbour. We held a trial, but the court desided to take a big part of our place. This trial finished before 5 years, and there still no build roud to the place, only dust and garbige around. In communist times there was at least wild nature, now everything is destroyied. Altough there is big and very expensive houses,the village still doesn't have any system of sewers and street elecrticity, and the streets are in very bad condition. The big paradox is that the prices of land in Dragalevtzi are still growing and the properties in the village are more expensive than in Florida, USA.