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Marina Stoimenova is a new rising talented bulgarian actress, known for The Fold (2013)

The Fold (2013) tells the story about struggling with her grief, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton, who tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl. Unfortunately the girl  wants more than the priest and english sociaty can give-she wants true family and real loving mom.  This is the first and better part of the film. In the second part everything messed up. The most powerful and remembering character in the film is  of 17-th years old naughty, bulgarian immigrant girl Radka , played by true bulgarian girl-the former famous gymnastic Marina Stoimenova, who now lives in London and has made real her personage dreams to succeed in England. Altough the character of Radka is strong and vital, it  still remains uncompleted and  not well situated  into the plot, it sounds  more as a cliche of horroring and evil by nature  bulgarian immigrant, who wants only to use and at in the ending part of the film-  to destroy  by  absolutely no reasonable motives  the good and positive english sociaty. The script looks unfinished from all points of view. A lot of questions remain unanswered. Why Radka become such an evil person? What in her life made her so mad and unpredictable? It’s not enough to make her come from poor eastern country, the audience needs more deep and psychological explanation of the character, otherwise it becomes flat and not real. It seems the author can't made real drama person and his Radka looks more as a  personage from a horror trilling movie, especially in the last 30 minutes of the  film. The struggling with her grief, Anglican priest Rebecca is not understandable too-first she acts as a real touching and helping to the people in trouble, and at the last episode, she become a person, who leads in his actions only by fear, a weak character,  and surely not a woman that could understand and give real love even to his own daughter. The cinematography work and directing  is almost brilliant, except the dream part, which seems as it was borrowed from a poor surrealistic movie. The story by itself and  all of the characters has full potential to become real drama winners, but the writer Poppy Gogan  didn't finished his work.
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